We all have already felt what’s feels like to have depression in this life. Some people can stand depression but there are some people can’t stand the painful depression. For those people who can endure, they have their own ways to get rid of their depression. I must admit that I got easily depressed when something not going well or when I have lots of things to be done. But, I have my own ways to deal with depression. If you wanna know my tips, you can see them all here in my blog today. Check them all below.

5 Best Ways To Deal With Depression

1. Scream


Well, if you prefer this way to release all your agony, I suggest doing it away from people. Scream all your stress out in the open area and when nobody in the area. The reason, well, you don’t want to attract people’s attention when you scream in public. Scream as hard as you can so you can have little satisfaction for releasing your depression.

2. Sleep


I don’t about you, but I think sleep is the easy way to escape the crushing truth of your stress. Sleeping is like running away from your problem and when you wake up, hopefully, you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle all your problems.

3. Eat


No wonder I’m fat because whenever I feel cloud in my mind, I eat everything I want and as many as I can. Eating is one way to eradicate your depression. I know this probably is not a healthy way but, it’s stress that we’re dealing with. We should do every we can to battle this debacle.

4. Destroy Stuff

Destroy Stuff

Wreak havoc to stuff inside your room to conquer the depression level is a great way but the risky way. I said it’s great because by destroying stuff, you imagine your stressful thinking destroyed along with the stuff. But, I also said that it’s risky because if you’re wrecking stuff in your home, especially if you’re in your parents home, you will only get some trouble lol. So, think twice or three times before wreak havoc.

5. Meditate


If you’re a good Buddhist, you must now that to control your mind, a meditation is the best way. Meditation is not only for Buddhist, but it can also be applied to everyone. Meditation is the best way to control your emotions and it’s a peaceful way. If you can do the complete focus of meditation, you can control all your emotions and you will no longer feel depressed.

So there, my five ways to deal with depression that always pushes you. We may have different opinions about how to deal with this debacle. But, we have one thing in common and that is to get rid of depression for good. Don’t let yourself plunge into the unlimited abyss of stress. Free your cloudy mind!┬áThat’s all I can share for today. I really love to share something that can give good results for people. After all, sharing is the sign that we still care for each other am I right?


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