Zombie, a brain-munching creature that happened because of a virus outbreak or developed for bio weapon. No matter what they are coming from, they have been used as an object in many games especially in mobile games. There are hundreds of choices for zombie games on mobile platforms and today, I’m going to show you some of the best games about this brain eater monsters. Check out the list below to know what are those games I talked about.

The Best Zombie Games For Your Android and iOS

1. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

It’s obvious that DT2 is the best and must be put on number one on this list. Dead Trigger 2 offers you great horror experience being surrounded by undead. But, you also offered with full action gameplay. Lots of crazy guns available for you to decimate the walkers. A weapon like dual uzi, SCAR-H, and even crossbow are ready for you to get crazy on the zombies. This game also offers you the arena mode where you can practice your survivability from waves after waves of zombies.

2. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Imagine zombie and tsunami combined into a game and you will get Zombie Tsunami. This game is the one that offers you alternative game about a zombie. You start to play as one zombie but as you bite another people, they will become a zombie too and your horde getting bigger. Why this game called Zombie Tsunami because once your horde got very big, it starts to look like a tsunami, but it’s filled with zombies.

3. Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS Zombies

The classic game PVZ is like its title, a fight between garden plants and zombies. No one has ever thought that combination of plants and zombies will get by, but gamers really dig it. This game even evolved into an online shooter game called Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare.

4. Zombie Age 3

Zombie Age 3

This is the only best 2D side-scrolling zombie game you could ever find. ZA3 is the game where you will have to fight hordes of undead with all the weapons you can have. Speaking of weapons, there are lots of them in this game. But, there’s a small problem, it’s so expensive. If you want little help getting Money, you can use some kind of Zombie Age 3 hack tool. I recommend that because it’s the best way to play this game.

5. Into The Dead

Into The Dead

Into The Dead is the game that will make you run for your life. You have just crashed from a helicopter and you must keep running and avoid zombies as far as you can. This is an endless run-and-gun game. You keep running avoiding zombies and you will be armed with weapons to clear out your path.

So, those are all the zombie games that I want to recommend for you. Those are the best games that I have ever played. Most of all, my favorite will be Dead Trigger 2. It’s an amazing horror action game on Android and iOS. You definitely should try them all out. See you on another best games from me guys.


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