Have you played Modern Combat 5? It’s the best shooter game, isn’t it? Of course, it is. Gameloft really did a good job when making this game. This game has two modes, a story campaign mode and multiplayer. Here we won’t talking about the story mode because the multiplayer is the reason why there are so many people playing the game. The multiplayer mode offers challenging and competitive fight between players from all around the world. Today, I want to discuss everything about the multiplayer of Modern Combat 5 and I want to give you some tips to dominate the gameplay. So, let’s get on to it below.

Multiplayer Modes

Modern Combat 5 Multiplayer Gameplay

In the multiplayer gameplay, you can play a lot or type of matches with people in real-time. There are 7 modes you can choose, Free For All, VIP, Capture The Flag, Rush, Cargo, Team Deathmatch, and Zone Control.

Free For All

This is the mode where you are free to kill everyone in the match. There will be no team or sides in this type of gameplay. You will hold on your own with only your weapon and the military support like recon or bombing is unavailable here.

>> Tips Playing This Mode

When you play FFA, you need to be cunning and very precise. Keep moving and never camp because when you kill a player while camping, they will know your position later on. Choose a weapon with great damage and good accuracy because you will always move. Learning all the maps layout will be a great benefit.

Team Deathmatch

As it said, Team Deathmatch is about teamwork. There will be two sides here claiming for victory. Your job is to work together with your team and launch an attack to the enemies. The team with higher points at the end of the round will claim the victory.

>> Tips For Team Deathmatch

When playing a team, you really must play as a team. Never stray away from your team because it will make the enemies easier to kill you. When you’re in a group, you can be the distraction to the enemies group and the best player in your team will do killing while they are distracted. Luckily, in this mode, military support is available. When you kill few players, there will be options to launch an aerial surveillance or plane bombing the whole area.


In this mode, one player in your team will be the VIP and same goes to the enemy team. When someone becomes a VIP, they will be visible on the map to all players. Prevent a VIP in your team from getting killed and you must kill the VIP in your enemy team to gain score.

>> Tips For VIP

When you become a VIP, always cover behind your teammates or you must keep running to avoid getting shot. The longer you’re alive, the more score you will have to the team. If you want to get an even bigger score, as a VIP, you must kill other players or even kill the enemy’s VIP to get the best score.

Capture The Flag

Get the flag from the target place and bring it to your side, that’s how CTF played. But it won’t be easy as your enemies will also do the same thing. CTF is also a team based mode, you must coordinate strike together with your team to have a better defense when capturing the flag.

>> Tips For CTF

Always make sure you protect the flag carrier because they are the player that will be hunted down by the enemies. And also, you need to be ready to carry the flag when your team died and dropped the flag.


This mode is also a team based mode, but here you won’t be able to get respawn after you died. When you died, you will respawn again after the end of the round. The objective in this mode will be holding the Data Relay Station for 120 seconds or eliminating the whole enemy team.

>> Tips For Rush

When playing Rush, don’t be stupid, get smart because you won’t get respawn when you died. Play smart and patiently wait for the window opportunity or wait for the best player in your team kill all the enemies.

Zone Control

Similar to Rush, but in Zone Control, you can respawn. The objective in this mode is to capture and hold the designated zone for as long as you can. The longer a zone in your team, the bigger score you will get. And also, if there are lots of player in a zone, it will make the faster score to win the match.

>> Tips For Zone Control

If you’re a beginner in this game, I suggest that when a zone is captured, you just sit there and guard the zone from the enemy as long as you can. Let the best players launch attack to the other zone and capture it. There will be notification sound when a zone is captured or taken from your team.


You might know this game mode from a game like Paladins or Overwatch on PC. But, MC5 multiplayer also has this mode for you. In Carbon mode, there will be two teams that will take turns as the offense and defense. When you play as the offense, you must push the cargo load into the target area within the line. If you’re the defense, you must be able to stop the enemy team from delivering the cargo load.

>> Tips For Cargo

When playing offense, one best player must become frontline to kill as many enemies as they can to make sure the line is safe. And also, try to reach the check point so the cargo won’t be pushed back to the start again. If you’re the defense, make sure that the cargo must never reach a checkpoint because when it does, your team can’t push it further back.

There you go, all the game modes in Modern Combat 5 multiplayer and some of the tips to win the match. They all gave a different challenge for you and you must play smart if you want to win.


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