If most games on Play Store are too easy for some people, there are certain games that offer difficulty of hard to frustrating. Do you wanna know what are those most frustrating games on mobile? Check out all of them below if you are looking for some challenge to accept.

Five of The Best Hardest Games on Smartphone

1. Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs is actually a name of a spider species with long legs. But the spider has inspired a game developer to develop this game. The game is simple, all you have to do is just walk. If you think walking is very easy and won’t be hard at all, then you will dead wrong in this game. I’ve been playing the game for too long and only walk a few meters as my best score. Your job is to control the black creature with long legs and walk him as far as you can. It needs your finger synchronization so you can walk the creature normally. What makes this game so hard is that it’s not so easy to control the walk. Don’t you believe me? Just download the game now and tell me what you think.

2. Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die

DWTD is a ridiculous game about all dumbest ways to end your life. This game is about the challenge to do certain things like swiping your screen as fast as you can or swatting bees of your screen as fast as you can. When starting the game, you will begin with slower pace challenge. And by the time you progress, it keeps faster and faster. And eventually, it will become impossible and so frustrating to be played.

3. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Many people think that whoever the person made Flappy Bird is either a genius or a king of all trolls because the game really makes people mad. I won’t recommend this game for people who are easily blow up their temperament because there have been lots of smartphones get wrecked because how frustrating this game is. Although, all you need to do is keep tapping and avoid pipes to get a score as high as you can, in reality, the game is so devilish and won’t let you win.

4. Geometric Dash

Geometry Dash

This rhythmic game is fun to play on at stage one. The rest of the stages are felt almost impossible. The thing that makes this game hard is that controlling the character passing through all the obstacles. Everytime you fail, you must restart it all over again. There’s no checkpoint whatsoever.

5. Stack


Stack is a game of simplicity yet can be very frustrating. All you have to do is just keep stacking blocks to make the tower as high as you can. The game will test you to your limit. Whenever you make 10 layers of the block lined up perfectly, the tower will slide by a little to trick you.

Those above are some of the games that will make you frustrated by playing it. If you’re the kind of people who dare to take the challenge, get those games now and tell your experience. If you’re just a casual gamers, just play Talking Tom or something.


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