Living room is one of the most favorite places for people to enjoy their time together with family or friends. It is also the place where we can rest our body and mind from a tiring day. Having a nice living room would be every people’s dream and we will be very proud of it as the result. And now, we would like to share the traditional formal living room ideas that you may apply for your living room.

Furniture Ideas

A formal living room with a traditional touch is such a great idea that you can apply. This design will make your living room looks classy and entertaining. In order to create such a great impression like that, you need to use the right furniture for this concept. And below here, we will share some furniture that you can place in your traditional living room.

Wooden Coffee Table

© Alexandra Daniels

A living room with a traditional concept usually uses a wooden coffee table in order to create the traditional look of the room. There are so many designs of this wooden coffee table start from the one which has a round shape, square, oval, and etc. The one that you can see on the picture above is the square wooden coffee table.

Wooden Fireplace

© Manda Ilbeigi

A furniture with a wooden material really suits this living room concept. Besides the coffee table, you can also use a wood fireplace to match the other furniture. This design will add more traditional impression to your living room and make it looks beautiful as well.

Leather Sofa

© creative.tatiana

Leather sofa with a traditional touch on its design also suitable for this living room concept. The brown color and leather material of the sofa matches perfectly with the other furniture where this concept dominantly using the brown or dark color. The formal impression of your traditional living room also can be felt with the existence of this leather sofa.

Wall Decor Ideas

Furniture is not the only aspect that can increase the traditional look of your living room. The wall decor also can give the same impression if you can choose the right decorations for your living room wall. Here, we give you some good wall decor that you can take as an example.

Framed Mirror

© Theresa Szychowski

A framed mirror not only will make your living room looks gorgeous but also will give the traditional display as well. A simple framed mirror which uses a dark color such as brown or black like the one on the picture above may be your reference.

Old Photograph/Paintings

© Nivifer

If you have some old photograph or paintings, you can use it as a good wall decor for your living room. The old photograph can bring the traditional impression because of the old design of its frame and picture display. Besides, the use of old photograph like this will also beautify the look of your living room.

Animal Head Sculpture

© WFPCC Employee Blog

An animal sculpture such as the deer’s head like on the picture above can be a great idea for a traditional living room. This wall decor is not only suitable but also will make the traditional impression will increasingly felt.


Those are the traditional formal living room ideas that you can apply in order to create the traditional and formal impression. Don’t hesitate to try the ideas above if you really want to make your living room looks traditional. Then, if you still need more information about home design, you can check out Roohome website which has a lot of designs that you can use as an inspiration.


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