When we do something and do not have any motivation left in our heart, the result will not be good. That is why having a motivation when you do anything is really important in this life. Especially if you are a student you need to have a motivation in order to obtain the good result for your study. Here, we will give you why motivation is important for students. Prepare to see the hidden secret.

Improve The Student Performance

student's motivation

This is the important matter for the student. In order to improve their performance, having a high motivation is really needed. It will be hard if the student wants to improve but they do not have any motivation. For the student who has enough motivation, they will perform better in class. They can also absorb easily the subject whom the teacher explained. The reason behind that is simply because they have the motivation to learn.

Increase Curiosity for The Student

Student is also known as a human in learning. Of course, they must curious about something they do not know. Nowadays, Student tends to be passive. They are only listening and when the teacher asked about the subject material the answer is “I do not know”. The reason is quite simple why most students become like that. They do not have enough curiosity. It is important for students to curious about something in order to know the answer. But it can simple solved by having enough motivation. Do not feel shame when keep asking to increase your knowledge, the teacher will happy to answer all your question (Must be related to the subject topic).

Think Out of the Box

The student who has a high motivation tend to think out of the box. It does not mean they will answer randomly but they can produce a similar answer with their own thought. Because they keep learning outside of school, not only depend on the school book. Why they become like that? The answer is quite simple. It all thanks to the high motivation to learn from school and outside.


Create The Student’s Own Goal

School is the best learning place for the student. Remember, this place is the future door which contains many possibilities. That is why the student must have a high motivation when in the school. For example, if you really like sports subject, you need to take it seriously. Even though it is hard, you need to keep your motivation up. It is not wrong you focus on something which you like the most. But, you need to keep this in your mind, you need to have the motivation to get the better result. From there, you will create your own goal.

If we ask you why motivation is really important for the student you already know the answer above. The student is really important human being for the future. For all of you who still a student, keep this mind you only can experience school life once in a lifetime. Be sure to take advantage of it.


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