Everyone must know when kids play a game, it will affect their own future and become a lazy person. Half of the statement is true. But, we have a different opinion regarding this matter. It is not wrong to let your kids play a game, it all depends on which game do they play. Below, we have the best game for kids which can train their brain!

Angry Birds Series

angry birds

At the first glance, this game looks really simple. Just shoot the catapult to destroy the pig. Actually, it is not the case. There are some obstacles which you need to crush before you reach the pig. That is why a good amount of strategy is needed. This kind of game will let the kids think a way out to this problem. It will hone their brain to think deeply. To make it more perfect, this game looks so charming. It will attract all the kids to play it.

Doctor Kids

doctor kids

This game will teach you to become a doctor. Especially if the kid wants to become one in the future. This game will help them in order to become a real doctor. You will do any task like check up the patient, give a right medicine, and heal any kind of disease. The most fun when you brush and fix teeth of your customer. it is really challenging and fun.

Endless Alphabet

endless alphabet

All the kids will happy to play this one. It is like a words game. You will learn the basic of the words. From the pronunciation and arrange the word in the right order. This is a great game to educate the kid. This one is quite annoying, in order to unlock all modes, you need to buy it through an in-app-purchase. You can only try some of them on the free version. Do not need to worry, this one worth your money.

Toca Kitchen 2

toca kitchen 2

For the final one, we have Toca Kitchen as the cooking game. This is a great game which let your children learn about food and cooking. The chef in this game will guide you how to do it. So, there is an instruction for each step. There are varieties of food which you can make in this game.


Choosing the suitable game for kids is not really easy. Especially when you make a mistake to let your child play a game which contains a gore scene. That is all the game recommendation for us which you can try right away. If you want to see awesome smartphone game, Yourgameinfo is your best solution.


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