The fashion world is very vast, especially for the women. There are many kinds of fashion types and styles out there that will make us looks trendy and stylish. So, there is no reason to be confused in choosing the best style that suits you. But, if you still confuse, we have two kinds of different style that will make you looks great.

Casual Fashion Style

A casual style is very suitable for daily activities when we are on the outside. This style sometimes can be so simple but sometimes can be so outstanding and will make you looks different than usual. Below here, we have some examples of casual fashion style that you may apply.

casual white top and black jeans
© Gwen Mitchell

The first example has a simple look where a white top combined with a black legging and red sandals. This style is really suitable to wear for almost on every occasion such as hang out with friends or watching cinema with our boyfriend.

casual korean style
© Itsmestyle

A style like this one is often used by the Korean girls. As we know, the Koreans are really good at choosing their outfit. A simple white top can be combined with a long cardigan and hotpants. This style is suitable to wear when the summer comes.

simple and casual outfit
© Yolanda Garza

If you like a simple and girly style, this one could be the best option for your outfit of the day. A white tank top with a floral motif is matched perfectly with the dark blue long pants which also has a floral motif. We will look so girly when using this style.

summer casual outfit
© Marcela Paez

For the girls or women who do not like anything complicated, we can try this denim style. A denim shirt and hotpants like the example above can be used on every occasion. This style is also comfortable to wear because it is will not make us feel overheating.

oversize sweater
© Sue Ferguson

An oversized sweater can make us look so stylish when we wear it. Moreover, if we combine it with the right style. In the picture above, the oversized sweater is combined with black long pants and high boots. But, we can use jeans and shorter boots if we like.

Formal Fashion Style

A formal style is more suitable for a formal situation or event actually although it can also be used on some other occasions. This fashion style will not only make us look stylish but also more mature. And below here, we also have some examples that you may copy and use them as a good reference.

black blazer
© Zuur Jeans

A blazer can give us the formal look if we are about to use a formal style. This kind of outfit is really suitable to create such display. Moreover, if we can mix and match it with the other kinds of outfits such as slim jeans and high heels.

leather jacket and pencil skirt
© Alisa Taber

For a more formal display, a pencil skirt and elegant high heels could be the most suitable one. Those two things will give a lot of formal display to the user. But, wearing a pencil skirt is not always have to be combined with a formal shirt but we can also combine it with a leather jacket.

long sleeves dress and coat
© Natalia Vozna

The winter’s come. Then, it is the time to change our thin outfits with the thicker ones. And long sleeves dress, a warm coat, and a pair of high boots could be the best choice for this kind of season. Wearing these outfits will not only make our body warm but also stylish.

long slevees shirt and sweater
© Donna Rogers

This style is suitable for a warm or cool weather. The style is quite simple since this one just uses a shirt, sweater, trousers, and slop shoes. But, the good choice of the colors makes this style looks so fresh and gorgeous.

camel coat
© Wachabuy

Another outfit that we can wear during the winter. The brown camel coat is so suitable to be combined with a black mini dress. The style looks more fashionable with the high boots in the same color as the mini dress.


We have shared all the casual and formal fashion style that you can apply to make you look stylish and gorgeous. Hopefully, it can inspire you in choosing the best outfit for your activities.


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