What deck are you currently using? Do your deck is great enough to beat your opponent? In this article, we would like to share WWE Supercard training guide. This guide is completely important to build a strong card. The strongest card we have, the easiest one to win.

Training is really important but sometimes, we have to understand that it has limitation. We could not train our cards all the day as we have to spend credits if we really want to do that. Certainly, we have to spend our money to buy the credit package but do not do that as we have a great guide for you. Keep reading to below!

Strong cards should be put on our deck as they could help us to win every battle. Then, we also need to consider every skill that each card has. Do not be hurry while inserting a card into your deck because once you make a mistake then you have no chance to win the battle.

Now, we are going to show how to train your card to the max. Do not forget to follow our guide properly to get an amazing result.

  1. Level up your card to the max, it really helps a lot to increase your card’s attribute.
  2. Combine pro cards to mix their attribute
  3. Upgrade your card to a perfect pro. This one is the most important thing that you have to do but it requires many credits before doing that. If you are curious about getting free credits. Check out here!

That is all 3 guides to help you understand our training guide. If you could not understand our guide, do not hesitate by commenting below. We will reply it ASAP. You can also share this article if this is helpful for you.


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