Do you always lose while battling on Shadow Fight 3? Have you followed all tutorial? Now, we have a great battle guide for you where we can beat our enemy easily. This guide is never shared before and we can sure it would be helpful for you.

Shadow Fight 3 has a really complicated battle system where you need to have a great control. It is hard to win the game if we could not control our character because our playing ability is really important.

Alright, it comes to the main topic of a battle guide. First, you need to learn how to control yourself. Attacking and defensive have their own pattern. Here, we have sorted it on the list below.

  1. Do a counter attack. Do not attack too often. Sometimes, we need to wait until our enemy attacks us then we do counter him
  2. Control your defense. Make sure you can avoid all their attack
  3. Stay relax because that is really important if we want to play this game. We need to relax our mind to get our winning
  4. See your steps, we have to give space to us and our enemy
  5. Do not use your skill too often, make sure you have to make it accurate before launching it
  6. Jump to avoid enemy skill, we should avoid any attacks from the enemy to keep our health bar high
  7. Buy high equipment by using gems. If you are lack of gems, we recommend using Shadow Fight 3 hack tool. It can give many gems as we want but we can only use it once a week.

Alright, I think that is our Shadow Fight 3 battle guide. Feel free to follow our guide if you want to win the game. Read and do it if you want to win. Do not miss a single part of our guide above because they are truly important.


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