The era already changed. If it is in the past video game console become the king of game, it is not anymore in the recent years. We have a smartphone which can overcome console game. Of course, it does not mean console game already died. It is still alive, but every attention turns to the mobile game. The reason is simple because every people own a smartphone, unlike a console game. Now, let us check the best smartphone games in 2017.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

mobile legends bang bang

This game really famous in the Asia continent. Is it true? The answer is yes. You can see every people nowadays play this game. The reason because of this one similar to DOTA. The game also offers many varieties of modes. So, all people will not get bored easily while playing this game. Even though the game name kinda ridiculous, it can capture everyone heart completely.

Clash Royale

clash royale

In the second place, we choose Clash Royale as the best one. Why do we not choose Clash of Clan instead? Because this one has a unique gameplay, unlike COC. This one combines card game and strategy genre into one. For that reason, it can attract many gamers to play this. You need to plan your strategy carefully or you will lose in the game easily.

Fate Grand Order

fate grand order

The number one game on Japan. We do not know why this one become the number. Another famous game like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Pokemon cannot match this one. You are not dreaming when reading this one guys. Actually, there is nothing special in this game, it uses an RPG as the main genre. Honestly, we already tried it and do not know why is quite enjoyable. Is it the influence of the Fate series? We think it is the right answer.

Digimon Links

digimon links

Finally, we get a Digimon game on the smartphone and it is back to old RPG genre. If you ever played Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, this game has a similar feel. Actually, it is not similar anymore but it is the same, from the Digimon model and the attack pattern. The only different only the setting of the place. Still, this game can become the best out there. Every player enjoys collecting their favorite Digimon.

Final Words

What do you think about the best smartphone games above? We apologize if your favorite game does not include on the list. All the games above are based on our opinion. So, do not take it deep into your heart.


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