In video game world challenge is everything. All People tend to play a game with hard difficult because it is really challenging and does not make them feel bored easily. We are sure all of you agree with our opinion. But it is not unlikely to be true. There are some people who love to play a game without any complicated mechanism. Today, we have already listed the easiest video games of all time which you can try.

Super Mario 3D Land

super mario 3d land

We think Mario game is quite hard to beat especially the retro version. But it is different with Super Mario 3D Land which released on 3DS. Even though it has a fantastic graphics, this one really easy to beat. We already reached 60% of the game completion within 2 hours easily. Also, what you need to do is jump and collect the power-up item to beat the enemy. If you cannot believe us, try the game immediately.

Kirby’s Dream Land

kirby dream land

An old game which released exclusively for Game Boy. We do not know why Kirby in this game really strong. Just use the attack button and the enemy will crush in one hit. All the stage level in the game also pretty straightforward. All people can complete the game in one day.

Rayman Legends

rayman legends

Who does not know this legend game? If you ever played the series in PS 1, we are sure you familiar with this one. Almost all platform have this game from PC, PS 3, PS 4, Wii U, and smartphone. Why we consider this game really easy? Because it is completely different from the PS 1 version. In this game, just follow the road and jump when it is needed. There are not many obstacles unlike the old one. The developer of the game only focuses on the change of the graphics quality.

Pokemon (RPG)


Well, Pokemon game really phenomenal in the world. What makes this game pretty popular? Of course, it all thanks to the Pokemon itself which increase dramatically. As for the gameplay, this one really easy. If you know the trick, you can win all the battle easily. Defeat the enemy with the super effective move and it is done. All opponent Pokemon will K.O in one hit. You do this repeatedly and become the Pokemon master in the game.


That is the easiest video games you can try right away. Trust us, you will not have any difficulties when playing it. After the easiest one, we also have the hardest video game you can try. Be sure to prepare your mind before you play it.


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