Farming game indeed becomes the great game to play in your leisure time. You can relax while staring at your beloved Dragon. Even though this is a good game, There is one annoying thing about it. The crucial problem which every people encounter in the game is about the currency. Every player already knows how hard to gems. But there is a trick to do that. See Dragonvale gems guide right away to know the secret.

Do not Skip the Tutorial

This one only applies to people who started the game recently. You will find a lot of tutorials and it is quite boring for the time being. We recommend you do not skip or you will not be able to obtain a great reward from it. We are sure you notice some people start the game with badass DragonĀ and farm. Do you want how to do that? Because they get tremendous gems amount as the reward for the tutorial.


If you confident in your Dragon’s power, enter the Colosseum is the great way to earn a lot of gems. Of course, this depends on your skill whether you can lead your Dragon to victory or not. Before you enter, be sure to check out your opponent first. From there, you can choose the suitable Dragon to face the opponent. Remember, each Dragon has a weakness. You need to uncover it to deal great damage.

dragonvale gems


For people who have a lot of friends, you can use this feature to earn gems. Although the amount is not really great, it is better than nothing. From now on, do not decline the friend request or you will regret it for sure. Do not forget to claim the free gems right away each day.

Complete In-Game Objective

Each time you complete an in-game mission, you will receive 2 gems as the reward. You will notice there are tons of objective in this game you can complete. Be sure to find the easiest one and get the main currency in return. Before you begin to do something, be sure to check the objective. For your information, the objective will change each day.


That is the simple guide how to obtain the gems in this game. If you are not satisfied, click Dragonvale hack tool. This is the greatest tool which we found recently on a random website. For the first time we doubt this one but after we tried it, this is the greatest one. For people who look for great mobile games, see the best smartphone games right away.


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