Probably some of you think fishing in Warframe is quite ridiculous because it is not a farming game. But it is really fun for people who never try it. Before you can try this feature, you need to update your game data. Actually, the game only tells you the brief update information, you need to find out the fishing spot. For that reason, we created Warframe fishing guide.

How to Find the Fishing Spot?

You need to go to the Earth’s Cetus Node. After you explore this area a bit, you will arrive at Plains of Eidolon. You need to look a shopkeeper named Fisher Hai-luk. They will give you a rod and bait for the first time. If you do not have enough bait, you cannot fish anymore. Be sure to come back to him to restock your bait. In order to trade it, you need Ostron Points which you can get when you trade a fish with him.

Good Equipment

You need suitable equipment before you begin fishing. Your default is futile, you only get common fish. We recommend you buy fishing spear. This is a good lance to obtain rare fish. You will get many Ostron Points in return. In order to get this, you need to collect 2000 Ostron Points. We know the amount is really scary but it is worth the effort.

warframe fishing

Find a Lake

After you done with the preparation, open your map at Plains of Eidolon to see a lake. If you see a circle with blue color on it, that is your destination. Remember to kill all the enemy before you begin fishing. They will disturb your activity. We almost forgot, if you see a lot of bubble pop-up from the lake, it means you will find a lot of fish in there.

Take Out Your Fishing Rod

After you find a suitable lake, take out your rod and point it to the area you want to fish. It is really easy to fish. When you see a bubble pop-up near your road, it means you can catch the fish by clicking the action button. You can fish anytime in this game. If you decide to visit at night do not forget it is hard to see the catch indicator because of the night.


Actually, it is really easy to fish in this game. All beginner players can do it easily without any problem. For people who have a hard time to get Platinum in this game, we can help you to obtain it. Just click Warfame hack. This is not us who made it, you can give the credits to the someone who made it. Do not need to thanks us because it is normal to help each other. Visit Amberbenson for another useful info.


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