Ibiza gets so popular. There are many people want to go there. They tend to enjoy the water activity and also some beautiful view that they never met before. We could say Ibiza is one of the places that it can be said as a heaven. We cannot resist that this place is truly beautiful among others.

In this article, we would like to let you know why you must go to Ibiza and what kind of activity you can do while you spend your holiday there. We have created the best list that you have to know.

Water Activity

Ibiza has known well with the water activity since there are many tours and travel service who provide this one. We can just select one of them. Sched a date and make a payment then we can enjoy our time there.

It can be said if the water activity in Ibiza island is really complete. We can do almost everything there but you have to prepare your money.

Enjoying Sunset

People who use boat cruise they tend to enjoy the sunset. There are many companies who provide this kind of service and they mark it as “sunset boats Ibiza” since the view is completely astonishing. It is so wonderful and it is really great to spend our holiday there especially for someone who wants to go for honeymoon.


Tired of doing many activities in the day? You can enjoy your night by going to the nightclub. Most people have known well about Bali nightlife since there are many people who go there but Ibiza nightclub is not really different. They can be said at the same level. You can check it on your own and you will know then.


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