About Me

Hi fellas, my name is Amber Benson, I’m the lone survivor of this blog. Of course, because I’m the only one who created this blog back then, LOL. My birth Place on Tangerang, Indonesia. Maybe this fact will surprise you even more because I’m an Indonesia People. I was born on 20 November 1994 by my mother. Ever since I was born, I become an active child or you can call it proactive. Now, I will tell you all secret about me and the reason why I started this tedious job for all the readers here!

Why I starting to Write?

It never crosses my mind that I will stand here. Yeah, I think writing is only a boring job and suitable for boring people. For the first time, I know this kind of thing from my friends who already become a blogger two years ago. At first, I only care about the money. Because my friend tells me you will get a lot of money from blogger only. But also my friend warned me to be ready for this boring job.

I know it will be boring but it all thanks to the money that my friend told me about. Yeah, at first I only started this job because of the money needs. I don’t care about anything at all. I know is tedious. Why? Because you only sit down in front of your laptop all day only for writing something that you can’t describe. At first, I don’t have any spirit at all to write but slowly but surely I opened my eyes. Today, writing already become the part of me and also my hobby. Because when writing something you will gain a lot of knowledge and everyone in the world will be happy with your writing.

What will You Find on My Blog?

You will find much information about the daily life activities. What should every people know in their life? You can find it here. I also write about gaming because of it my second favorite hobby. I know writing something it’s not an easy task to do. You need something that called spirit. And never give up along the way.

Hopefully, all my information on my blog helpful for all of you who red it. Don’t forget to leave your comment also to improve my blog. I really appreciate it if you can do that. Also, if you have something that you want to ask don’t forget to PM me. Even though I’m like this, I also a good adviser if you have any problem regarding your life, LOL.