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AmberBenson is a personal blog that shares everything which can give information to other people. You can join us by sharing your article with us. If you are passionate about writing, this is gonna be a great start for you.

To submit your article for us, you must beĀ eligible to fulfill all requirements. We set it to avoid low-quality articles published on our site. It would be easy to follow as long as you can create an informational article and you understand what you have written. For more detailed information, you may check the requirements below.

  1. 2 OBL per post (maximum)
  2. Articles must have value to our users
  3. No promotional articles
  4. No affiliate links

Follow our requirements and we will accept your article. Now, you can check the list of categories that we can accept.

  1. Tips
  2. Tutorial
  3. Home Design
  4. Wedding Design
  5. Insurance
  6. Health
  7. Medical Treatment
  8. Traveling
  9. Tour & Travel
  10. Hotel Promotion
  11. Games
  12. Makeup
  13. Body Building
  14. Lifestyle

This is the last step, you may contact us when you have picked one of the categories above. Do not hesitate to ask us anything, we will be happy to answer every question you have asked.


You can also contact us regarding the guest post submission inquiry through this e-mail: [email protected]